Barnyard Bounce Deluxe - The Most Addicting Tap Bounce Puzzle Game Ever! 2.0

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 2.0 (iTunes)


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"Oooarr! I saw 'em right enough!" the farmer told the reporter.
"Ducks, cows, sheep, chicken and even pigs were flyin'..."

The reporter frantically scribbled in his notebook. "And were you drinking much moonshine that evening?", he asked the farmer.

The farmer looked back at him, his eyes wide and crazy "ARRRRR! I saw it alright enough sirrr. An ANVIL FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION!"

Join the wild ride that is Barnyard Bounce! Featuring frenetic tapping action to keep your character high enough against all odds. You'll shrink, you'll grow, you'll get squashed and multiply! And if you're good enough to reach the chicken, you'll get them all at the same time!


* If you choose to purchase and support us making more games then its your choice! And we do depend on our loyal players :)

* Full OpenFeint integration so you can compare how well you do worldwide with unique achievements! (2.0)

* Great new playstyle with the introduction of floating bonus balls! (2.0)


- Playing tips and Tricks -

* If at first you don't succeed try again! This game isn't meant to be easy!

* Tap quickly when wind comes, keep it as high as you possibly can, aim for just under.

* Keep as low as possible when anvil is coming. If you lose sight of your animal, then tap rapidly in the middle at the bottom and hope for the best!

* If at first you don't succeed, try many different ways to tap. You earn a higher score if you keep as low as you can.

* Get used to the crazy mode changes and go high up before it comes just in case its wind or something tricky!

Good luck!

What's New

Openfeint achievements and scores, so players can compare how well they do vs other players. Can you beat the developers?

Bonus balls for more fun and interesting gameplay.

Gameplay tweaks to make it easier to progress and provide better playability.

Barnyard Bounce Deluxe - The Most Addicting Tap Bounce Puzzle Game Ever!