MonsterKill 1.1.2

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Price: $.99 -> Free, Version: 1.1.2 (iTunes)


They're cute, they're cheeky - you just want to squeeze the life out of the little monsters!

Hordes of tiny terrors have broken free of their chains and are running amok!


• The Mummy aka The Geezer
• Count Dracula aka Vlad
• Werewolf aka Scott
• Frankenstein aka Frankie

... you've a few tricks up your sleeve to deal with these guys:


Summon a variety of spells as you battle against these classic mini-monsters.

• Slice and dice them - cut them in two with the cut spell!
• Summon lightning - give them a shocking experience!
• Turn up the heat by casting fireballs - watch 'em burn!
• Need to slow them? Sculpt an ice block to stun them!


• Simple gesture system to summon spells
• Stunning characters, animation, backgrounds & fx
• Multiple game modes: Normal, Endless & Onslaught!
• OpenFeint for online high scores & achievements!
• Awesome music & sound effects by Earcom!
• iPod music library access (for OS3.0+ users)

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• If you have a saved game to continue, a RESUME GAME option appears to the right of it - just tap it :)


"Overall, it is obvious this game was designed masterfully as the graphics and gameplay are well-done."

"Awesome death animations...Great game modes for extended replay...Strategy elements...Halloween Theme"

"...MonsterKill is a great game that is fun and has great graphics..."

"If you’re like me, there are two things in this world you can’t live without – castle defense games and zombies. With MonsterKill you get a fresh new way to defend your castle against zombies, vampires, werewolves and Frankenstein monsters. Sounds perfect? It is!"

"If you are into castle defense games, MonsterKill is absolutely worth a look"

What's New

* Fixed problem when submitting score at the end of an Onslaught game


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